About InVantage3

A partnership with your best interests at heart.

The InVantage3 team has decades of front-line experience creating back-office solutions. Our clients rely on our trained expertise across accounting, business systems, and database development for a consultative approach that is customized—and never cookie cutter.

Three simple words create our methodology backbone.

Our goal is to support our clients with a consistent and trustworthy accounting system—one that produces timely and reliable deliverables and reports. For an accounting system to meet this high criteria standard, we follow a methodology approach built on the framework of three-simple words—across everything we do.

Reliable. The quality of the data going in must be trustworthy. The adage of garbage in garbage out is very true in this regard. The data that InVantage3 is responsible for is reviewed and tested for quality through a series of checks and verifications. We are consistent with the coding of these transactions and make sure they show in the appropriate places throughout your systems.

Repeatable. The beauty of bookkeeping is that processes repeat every month. InVantage3 has developed workflows designed to be easily repeatable each month, quarter, or year—so that time is not wasted in recreating processes. This repeatability approach creates consistency in your data.

Sustainable. Any process can be maintained for a short period of time. The true test of a solid process is its sustainability over a long period of time, particularly as a company grows. Our processes are constantly reviewed and modified as needed, to show consistent results at every stage of your growth.


Steve Silva, President

Accounting has always been at the center of Steve’s professional life. Today, as President of InVantage3 Business Solutions, his clients trust his counsel in the areas of comprehensive accounting and financial data, and rely on his team to create reliable, repeatable and sustainable systems to help them thrive and grow.

Prior to becoming President of InVantage3, Steve held leadership roles in the legal and A&E industries, including Infrastructure Group Services, PACLAND, Preston Gates & Ellis, and O’Melveny & Myers. In these roles, he designed and implemented innovative reporting tools that leveraged existing corporate databases—enabling management to have easier access to critical financial data. He’s also led several large-scale accounting system conversions and database migrations.

Steve’s decades of experience include roles that further enhance his ability to understand and counsel growing organizations, including database administrator, project manager, accountant, financial reporting manager, and SQL report designer. His extensive, cross-functional experience has positioned him well to bridge the accounting and IT worlds—offering a level of customer support and advisory insight that’s earned him a solid reputation as a business partner who is responsive, trustworthy, dependable, accurate, and innovative.

The accounting and financial advisory expertise represented across the InVantage3 team includes payroll, accounts payable and receivable, financial statement review, state and local taxes and audits, Business Intelligence (BI), and more.