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InVantage3 provides bookkeeping software assistance for the Architecture, Engineering, and Consulting community.

We have decades of experience working with this industry and so we are not only familiar with its workflow and processes, but our experience allows us to anticipate what is needed. If you are having difficulties with employee turnover or just struggling accessing reliable project and financial reports, we can help.

InVantage3 has experience with a number of industry software applications: Deltek Ajera, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks Online and Desktop, Vantagepoint. Even though you may not see the software you use on this list, our familiarity with AEC operations allows us to adapt quickly to any industry specific software.

Questions about outsourced bookkeeping software.

How does an outsource accounting work?

With InVantage3, seamlessly.  As 2020 and 2021 has taught us, working remotely can have its advantages and disadvantages.  Communication with coworkers, clients and vendors is critical in this environment as well as maintaining productivity.  Since InVantage3 has been working within this remote model since 2007, we have tested systems and workflow in place to facilitate communication and productivity with our clients, so it truly feels like we are working onsite.

Is outsourced accounting safe?

It is with InVantage3. At InVantage3 we develop a relationship with our clients that is based on trust.  We hold their information in strictest confidence and have internal policies in place to maintain that confidentiality.  Our employees are all US based and trained on these protocols so that our clients can feel safe sharing their information with us.

Would an outsourced accounting model work for my company?

In most situations, yes.  The accounting cycle and all the effort that goes into it repeats itself every month, quarter, and year.  If your company is struggling keeping up with this cycle, then you may need additional resources.  With InVantage3 we build our systems around these cycles so that the result is a product that is reliable, repeatable, and sustainable.  No surprises.  If this sounds like a solution you would like for your company, then this model can work for you.  Give us a call to find out more.  There is no obligation.

Why should I hire InVantage3 for my accounting needs?

In one word, confidence.  Our clients are confident in our work product as reflected in their terrific testimonials as seen on our website.  Because of our years of experience, we are confident that we can provide you with a level or service that will exceed your expectations.  Lastly, you will become confident in the services we provide and find that you are able to focus more on your business rather than accounting issues.  We like to call this result “peace-of-mind”.

We service the most common Bookkeeping Software.

Deltek Ajera

InVantage3 provides full cycle accounting from transaction input to financial statement review using Deltek Ajera.  We can provide partial services, like payroll or AP, of all aspects of a full accounting departments such as billing, payables, receivables.  We have the expertise to support custom dashboards, inquiries, or financial reports.  We work with project manager to make sure all relevant time and expenses are included in client monthly invoices.

Project First Statera

Statera is a full bookkeeping and project accounting software solution for the AEC industry.  It provides robust project management tools as well as a range of financial reports for ownership.  InVantage3 provides full cycle bookkeeping support using this cloud based platform.


QuickBooks Online and Desktop are the industry leader in bookkeeping software.  They have a full ensemble of tools to track profitability, AR, AP and sales.  In addition there are numerous third party applications that work with QuickBooks to satisfy any bookkeeping need you may have.  InVantage3 provides full cycle bookkeeping support for all QuickBooks applications.

MS Dynamics SL

MS Dynamics SL is a robust project management and accounting application.  This is a solid solution for organization who are outgrowing their software or are expanding into different geographic regions.  InVantage3 has many years of experience supporting this platform remotely from full cycle bookkeeping to custom report development.

Deltek Vantagepoint

I am going to drop Vantagepoint from this list.  After speaking with the only one on my team to use this, it is for much larger firms.

About Our Services

Bookkeeping Software Conversions

InVantage3 has been involved in numerous conversions, some smaller in nature and others major ERP conversions. Regardless of the size, conversions can be tricky and always require customization to some degree.  Working with the software installation contractors provides a solid foundation but familiarity with a company’s operations can help in a successful implementation.  InVantage3 has a strong history of understanding the data needs of the AEC industry and can aid by coming along side during the implementation and/or assisting in the selection of industry software.


Advisory and Consulting

Many businesses have internal staff supporting the accounting needs of an organization.  InVantage3 can work with existing staff by proving expertise in a number or areas such as workflow improvements, reporting, and training.  We also provide Controller and CFO advisory services where we come along side your staff and provide a high-level view of operational and financial health.


Outsource Bookkeeping

InVantage3 provides a full range of bookkeeping services.  We can act as your accounting department and provide complete bookkeeping services, or we can provide specific services that need support in your organization.  Our services range from payroll, AR, AP, reconciliations, invoicing and more.  We specialize in Deltek Ajera, Project First Statera and other accounting packages.   Our processes have been proven over time and from years of providing these services to our AEC clients.  An additional benefit to using InVantage3 for your bookkeeping needs is consistent staffing.  You no longer need to worry about turnover or covering vacations or extended leaves as we are always available during your normal business hours.

As a business leader, your time and attention can be spread thin. Tracking projects and people while being a vision-caster for your company can be all-consuming so the last thing you need is mystery around the accounting health of your business.  We get that and know your numbers needs to tell you a true story so you can grow your company with confidence.  InVantage3 is the trusted, go-to resource for bookkeeping and financial processes that are reliable, repeatable, and sustainable.  We offer a level of remote, responsive customer support that differentiates us from anyone else in the market.  We are specialist in the unique accounting needs in the AEC industry which allows us to bring our expertise to your company.

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